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Hardy Plant Society: HPS: Articles from Cornucopia, Index by Date

“Cornucopia” is a digest of articles from the various local and specialist groups that make up the Hardy Plant Society. The following articles were taken from older editions of Cornucopia (and even older editions of the group newsletters) but are still very relevant to today’s gardeners and gardening enthusiasts.

Cornucopia 35: Spring 2015
Roy Stickland
Liz Buckingham
Cornucopia 34: 2014
Janet Boulding
Toni Frascina
June Ainsworth
Cornucopia 33: 2014
Glenda Ostick
Martin Blow
Sue Hutcheson
Dorothy Harriman
Cornucopia 32: 2013
Elaine Taylor
John Jervois
Sue Ward
Trisha Cooper
Rob Senior
Cornucopia 31: 2013
Frank Caunt
Don Witton
Alison Mallett
Anita Chapman
Barbara Matthewman
Alex Pankhurst
Keith Thompson
Cornucopia 30: 2012
Sue Ward
Janet Gears
Mandy Featherstone
Yvonne Matthews
Hazel Finney
Susan Ferguson
Margaret Doble
Ann and Bob Armstrong
Janet Cropley
Cornucopia 29: 2012
Andrew Lawes
Febrin LePadden
Peter Hart
Maggie Duguid
Wendy Sime
Judy Coulson
Alison Mayall
John Summerfield
Barbara O'Brien
Cornucopia 28: 2011
Jennifer Harmer
Jackie Davies
Debbie Leonard
Rob & Diane Cole
Malcolm Michael
Rupert Wade
Febrin LePadden
John Summerfield
Paul & Pauline McBride
Anne Godfrey
Cornucopia 27: 2011
Barbara O'Brien
Sue Catchpole
Compo Steep
Janet Sleep
Jane Allison
Joan Millard
Jennifer Harmer
Andrew Haynes
Judy Pollitt
Sally-Ann Turner
Cornucopia 26: 2010
Elizabeth McManus
Janet & Martin Blow
Harry Brickwood
James McCombe
John Hudson
Brian Whitton
Compo Steep
Cornucopia 25: 2010
Jennifer Harmer
Valerie Livesey
Brita Carson
JMS Pearce
Joan Millard
John Hudson
Cornucopia 24: 2009
Anne Godfrey
Geoffrey Frankcom
Sheila Phillips
Jennie Maillard
Jennifer Harmer
Sue Martin
Alex Pankhurst
Hazel Finney
James McCombe
Cornucopia 23: 2009
Chris James
Hugh Blundstone
Rob Senior
Mary Argent
Narinder Sohal
Tim Brown

HPS members can subscribe to Cornucopia for only £3 a year (£4.50 for members outside the UK).

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